Our Roadmap

Private Sale: Initiate the sale restricted to a select group of early supporters and investors, ensuring the project kicks off with the necessary funding and community interest.

Marketing Campaign Starts: Begin a comprehensive marketing push to introduce the project to potential users and investors. Social media, partnerships, and influencer collaborations.

Introduction of Community Lore and Main Ecosystem: Unveil the backstory and universe surrounding the NFT collection to engage the community, setting the stage for an immersive experience.


Setting the Stage

Major Trailer Released: Launch a captivating trailer that highlights the project's vision, features, and potential, aiming to generate buzz and attract attention.

Casino License Acquired: Secure the official licenses required to operate a digital casino, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and building trust with users.

Appointment of Casino Chief of Operations: Bring on board a seasoned expert to oversee the development and operation of the casino, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

NFT Pre-Sale + Mint: Open sales to the public, allowing users to purchase and mint their NFTs, marking the beginning of their journey within the project's ecosystem.

Smart Contract Development:Finalise the development of smart contracts to support the NFT transactions, ensuring security, transparency, and efficiency.

Casino Launch:Officially open the digital casino for business, offering a range of games and activities for NFT holders to enjoy and potentially earn rewards.


Expansion and Launch

Casino Secondary NFT Launch: Introduce a second tier of NFTs, specifically designed to enhance the casino experience, offering additional benefits and features to holders.

Key Casino Infrastructure Partners Acquired: Establish partnerships with essential service providers to support the casino's operations, from gaming software to security solutions.

Lottery Utility Begins: Introduce a lottery feature that allows NFT holders to participate in regular draws, adding an extra layer of excitement and potential reward.

Family Battles: Launch a new, interactive component where NFT holders can engage in competitive events or challenges, fostering community engagement and interaction.


Adding Value and Engagement


Scaling New Heights

Mass marketing for player acquisition: Major marketing initiatives will come into play, affiliates, networks high roller acquisition strategy and implementation

Breaking into Other Regions: Expand the project's reach by targeting new geographical markets, adapting the marketing and operational approach to cater to different audiences and regulatory environments.