'Vegas' Santoro

The Santoros Family

In the neon-lit corridors of Lucky Lion's Den, the Santoro family reigns supreme, led by the enigmatic Vincent 'Vegas' Santoro. The Santoros, an illustrious lineage steeped in the lore of old casino empires, command respect and fear.


Vincent, with his sharp intellect and an uncanny knack for reading the room, steers his family through the treacherous waters of high-stakes gambling and power plays. Under his guidance, the House of Spades has flourished, turning the art of the gamble into a regal affair. Their dominion, built on ancient strategies and modern innovations, continues to draw aspirants and adventurers alike, all wishing to partake in the legacy of the Santoros.

Vincent 'Vegas' Santoro

Guiding the Santoros is Vincent 'Vegas' Santoro, a daring risk-taker known for his mastery in roulette. His fearless demeanour extends beyond the tables, making every game an art of aggression and calculated boldness.

Ideal Recruit

The Santoro family welcomes those who crave the adrenaline rush of risk and possess the audacity to play the biggest hands. Led by Vegas, they offer a haven for players unafraid of the high-stakes, where respect is earned, mystery prevails, and the allure of Spades sets the tone.

Core principles

Strategic Secrecy

Operate within the shadows, maintaining discretion in all dealings to safeguard the family's operations and advantages.

Calculated Courage

Embrace risk only when the benefits outweigh the dangers, and always with a clear strategy in mind.

Unwavering Loyalty

Build loyalty among family members, ensuring unity and mutual protection against external threats.

Mystical Foresight

Cultivate an understanding of the unseen and the unknown, using insight and intuition to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the casino world.

Meet The Family


The Santoro Family
Boss Consigliere

consigliere | Dominic 'Sphinx' Santoro

The Santoro Family

underBOSS | Marco 'The Gambler' Santoro

The Santoro Family

caporegime | Lorenzo 'Lucky Star' Santoro

The Santoro Family

caporegime | Valentino 'Vortex' Santoro

The Santoro Family

caporegime | Ricardo 'Ice-Pick' Santoro

The Santoro Family

caporegime | Dante 'Wildcard' Santoro

The Santoro Family

caporegime | Aldo 'Adrenaline' Santoro

The Santoro Family

Welcome to the heart of Lucky Lions Den set in Den City, where four distinguished families and a group of mavericks hold the keys to the kingdom.