'Snake Eyes' Roman

The Roman Family

In the shadowed corridors of the Lucky Lion's Den, where whispers tell tales of fortune and fate, stands the enigmatic House of Hearts, ruled by Salvatore 'Snake Eyes' Roman. Born from a lineage as old as the casino itself, the Romans have long woven their history into the very fabric of the gambling halls.


Salvatore, with eyes like the serpents of old, commands respect and fear in equal measure. His mastery of risk and his uncanny ability to foresee the outcomes of games are legendary. Under his leadership, the House of Hearts is not just a family; it is a gathering of the shrewdest minds, where loyalty is the currency and betrayal is met with swift retribution. Venture into their realm, and you may find fortune smiling upon you—or find that Salvatore's gaze is the last you meet.

Salvatore 'Snake Eyes' Roman

Heading the Romans is Salvatore 'Snake Eyes' Roman, a strategic expert from a wealthy lineage. Known for his Poker mastery, Snake Eyes reads players effortlessly, guiding the Romans with quiet confidence.

Ideal Recruit

The Roman family is for those who appreciate calculated risk and strategic finesse in the casino world. Led by Salvatore, they offer a home for those who seek a refined approach to chance, where secrets unfold subtly, and the allure of Hearts is embraced.

Core principles

Strategic Secrecy

Operate within the shadows, maintaining discretion in all dealings to safeguard the family's operations and advantages.

Calculated Courage

Embrace risk only when the benefits outweigh the dangers, and always with a clear strategy in mind.

Unwavering Loyalty

Build loyalty among family members, ensuring unity and mutual protection against external threats.

Mystical Foresight

Cultivate an understanding of the unseen and the unknown, using insight and intuition to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the casino world.

Meet The Family

Boss | Salvatore 'Snake Eyes' Roman

The Roman Family
Boss Consigliere

consigliere | Giovanni 'The Hawk' Roman

The Roman Family

underboss | Lorenzo 'The Ace' Roman

The Roman Family

caporegime | Luciano 'Blade' Roman

The Roman Family

caporegime | Matteo 'Rogue' Roman

The Roman Family

caporegime | Alessio 'Specter' Roman

The Roman Family

caporegime | Riccardo 'Nomad' Roman

The Roman Family

caporegime | Enzo 'Whirlwind' Roman

The Roman Family

Welcome to the heart of Lucky Lions Den set in Den City, where four distinguished families and a group of mavericks hold the keys to the kingdom.