'Eagle Eye' Marino

The Marinos Family

Beneath the glimmering surface of the Lucky Lion's Den, the House of Diamonds emerges, helmed by the vigilant Antonio 'Eagle Eye' Marino. This family, sculpted through generations of strategic mastery and an unwavering gaze upon their empire, thrives within the veins of the casino's bustling halls.


The Marinos, renowned for their analytical prowess and the ability to foresee shifts in the gaming arena, command respect and loyalty. Their legacy, etched into the casino's foundation, revolves around precision, control, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Antonio, with his eagle-eyed vision, ensures that every opportunity is not just seized but also created, crafting a dominion where both chance and fate bow to the Marino decree.

Antonio 'Eagle Eye' Marino

At the helm of the Marinos is Antonio 'Eagle Eye' Marino, renowned as one of the smartest minds in the game. His extravagant appearance serves as a cunning distraction, overshadowing his title as the best card counter among the four families. Rarely losing a hand, Antonio always emerges from the tables with a profit

Ideal Recruit

The Marinos beckon those who eschew risks and favour brainpower in the casino realm. Led by Eagle Eye, they offer a haven for players who seek a calculated approach, leveraging their knowledge of card counting to amass wealth. This family is tailored for individuals not seeking mere enjoyment but aiming to strategically earn within the allure of Diamonds.

Core principles

Strategic Secrecy

Operate within the shadows, maintaining discretion in all dealings to safeguard the family's operations and advantages.

Calculated Courage

Embrace risk only when the benefits outweigh the dangers, and always with a clear strategy in mind.

Unwavering Loyalty

Build loyalty among family members, ensuring unity and mutual protection against external threats.

Mystical Foresight

Cultivate an understanding of the unseen and the unknown, using insight and intuition to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the casino world.

Meet The Family


The Marino Family
Boss Consigliere

consigliere | Isaac 'Sphinx' Marino

The Marino Family

underboss | Marco 'Silversmith' Marino

The Marino Family

caporegime | Vincent 'Locksmith' Marino

The Marino Family

caporegime | Tony 'Mallet' Marino

The Marino Family

caporegime | Benny 'Whisper' Marino

The Marino Family

caporegime | Frank 'Spark' Marino

The Marino Family

caporegime | Gino 'Stoneface' Marino

The Marino Family

Welcome to the heart of Lucky Lions Den set in Den City, where four distinguished families and a group of mavericks hold the keys to the kingdom.