Slick Cardone
The Joker

The Joker

At the helm stands Slick Cardone, a man who combines the strategic genius of the Romans, the boldness of the Santoros, the cunning of the Marinos, and the mystery of the De Lucas.


As a trusted ally turned rival to the family heads, Slick is poised to script his own saga in the enigmatic world of the casino.


As he peers into the workings of each family, what truths and strategies will he uncover?

Ideal Recruit


Core principles


They value autonomy above all, operating outside traditional family hierarchies to create their own paths and strategies within the casino's domain.


With agility at their core, the Jokers excel in shifting tactics fluidly, ensuring they can capitalise on any situation presented by the ever-changing landscape of the casino.


Always ahead of the curve, they innovate gambling techniques and schemes, setting trends rather than following them, which disrupts the established order and keeps their rivals perennially off balance.


They cultivate an aura of mystery, never fully revealing their motivations or plans, which makes them unpredictable opponents and intriguing figures within the casino world.

Meet The One-of-one

Welcome to the heart of Lucky Lions Den set in Den City, where four distinguished families and a group of mavericks hold the keys to the kingdom.