'Lucky Charm' De Luca

The De Lucas Family

In the heart of Lucky Lion's Den, the De Luca family reigns with a charm as potent as the luck they wield. Led by Bruno 'Lucky Charm' De Luca, their legacy is built on the whims of fortune and the smiles of fate.


The De Lucas are not just participants in the casino's games; they are the custodians of chance. Each member, adorned with a token of luck, thrives on turning the unlikely into the divine. Their story is one of mystique and serendipity, where every card dealt and dice thrown is a testament to the magic they harbour within. As they navigate the labyrinth of the casino, their influence is both seen and unseen, shaping outcomes with an almost ethereal grace.

Bruno 'Lucky Charm' De Luca

Guiding the De Lucas is the charismatic Bruno 'Lucky Charm' De Luca, a seasoned leader with a legacy that stretches through time. Known for his calm demeanour and relaxed attitude, Bruno has a network that runs deep in the casino industry. His uncanny ability to almost always leave the casino with more than he entered sparks rumours of luck, but there's more at play than meets the eye.

Ideal Recruit

The De Luca family welcomes those who savour the diverse offerings of the casino world. They enjoy the social atmosphere and revel in the thrill of games, especially the rhythmic spins of slot machines. The ideal member is someone who can navigate the playful ambiance but knows when to shift to a serious gear when substantial winnings are on the line.

Core principles

Fortune Favours the Bold

Emphasise risk-taking and the courage to seize opportunities. This principle embodies the belief that luck smiles upon those who dare greatly.

Unity in Diversity

Celebrate the unique contributions of each member, understanding that strength comes from varied perspectives and skills unified towards common goals.

Charm as a Shield

Leverage charisma and sociability not just as personal traits but as strategic tools in navigating the complexities of casino politics and alliances.

Resilience in Adversity

Commit to bouncing back from setbacks without losing heart, viewing each challenge as a stepping stone to greater successes. This principle underscores De Luca's adaptability and tenacity in the face of trials.

Meet The DE Luca Family


The De Luca Family
Boss Consigliere

consigliere | Luigi 'Whiz' De Luca

The De Luca Family

underBOSS | Mario 'Smooth Operator' De Luca

The De Luca Family

caporegime | Giuseppe 'Jazz' De Luca

The De Luca Family

caporegime | Giovanni 'Gambit' De Luca

The De Luca Family

caporegime | Rocco 'Shade' De Luca

The De Luca Family

caporegime | Tony 'Shuffler' De Luca

The De Luca Family

caporegime | Mario 'Knuckles' De Luca

The De Luca Family

Welcome to the heart of Lucky Lions Den set in Den City, where four distinguished families and a group of mavericks hold the keys to the kingdom.