Within a private room inthe corner of the Casino

The Romans strategise their next move to gain the upper hand against the Joker. Little do they know, their whispered discussions echo through the corridorsWhat do you think they're plotting?

The Joker invites you to join him at the Roulette

Launch Quiz and Roulette site, release interactive content Imagine stepping into the Lucky Lions Den Casino and finding the Joker himself holding the door open, Inviting you to join him at the Roulette table Will you take the chance?

On the floors of the Casino

A scrunched note has been found Revealing the Joker's next targetThe Romans! But what he doesn’t know is that the Romans are sure to have a few tricks up their sleeves..

Ever pondered the enigmatic mind behind the chaos?

Total disruption, orchestrated with precision. From the dimly lit corridors to the bustling card tables. Every move was calculated. As whispers of his presence spread, the Joker revealed the chaos he created Who do you think his next target is?

In the heart of Lucky Lions Den

With a flick of his wrist chaos ensues at the card tables. Leaving players in silent awe as the laughter fades. The tension lingers in the air leaving players on edge Wondering what mysteries the Joker will uncover next..

We're ready to reveal the truth

The unpredictable moves of the Joker in the Lucky Lions Den.Ps. The Joker will be answering all your questions about our upcoming presale!